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Local Food

Here are just some of the special foods that are available at many restaurants and shops in the Ise area. We hope you take the time to enjoy as many as you can.

あのりふぐ Anori Fugu
Pufferfish from Anori, Shima City
Several major rivers flow into Ise Bay from the mountains near Ise City, making the sea water nutrient-rich and ideal for marine life. It is here that much of the famous Anori Fugu comes from. The best way to eat Anori Fugu is raw or in Japanese nabe (hot pot).

Season: Early October through early March

あわび Awabi
Known by many as the king of seafood, abalone shells are gathered one by one from the ocean floor by traditional Ama divers. And no matter how they are prepared, they are always delicious.

Season: April through September

伊勢うどん Ise Udon
Ise Udon is a dish of soft flour noodles served in a thick sweet sauce made from soy sauce and sweet sake. Traditionally, Ise Udon is served with finely sliced spring onion sprinkled over the top but visitors to Ise City can find numerous Ise Udon restaurants that serve this local specialty with a variety of different toppings.

Season: throughout the year

伊勢えび Ise Ebi
Japanese spiny lobster
Known throughout Japan as a true delicacy, Ise lobster can be served raw, grilled or deep fried. Any way you choose, Ise Ebi is a local treat you won't soon forget.

Season: October through March

伊勢たくあん Ise Takuan
Ise pickled daikon (long radish)
Ise's warm weather and pristine water are the perfect combination for growing Japanese daikon. Unmistakably yellow, Ise Takuan pickles are made from the best daikon in the region.

Season: throughout the year

貝めし Kaimeshi
Rice served with various shellfish
A Futami specialty, kaimeshi is a Japanese lunch box or lunch set that highlights local shellfish as one of the main ingredients. Kaimeshi is served in many hotels and restaurants in Futami however, reservations are needed for most meals. if you are staying in Futami, please check the availability of kaimeshi at your hotel.

Season: throughout the year

牡蛎 Kaki
Oysters are grown best where there is a rich mix of fresh water and sea water. Oysters from the Ise Shima area are grown in such environment and the taste and texture make them some of the most famous oysters in Japan.

Season: throughout the year but best in the winter months

鰹茶漬け Katsuo-chazuke
Raw or marinated skipjack tuna served over rice and served in a flavorful broth. Chazuke is a very simple and healthy traditional Japanese meal.

Season: throughout the year

さめのたれ Samenotare
Dried and seasoned shark
In Ise, shark is served with two different flavors, salt and sweet sake (mirin). Often served as a side dish, samenotare goes well drinks or served on top of rice.

Season: throughout the year

てこね寿司 Tekone-sushi
Marinated skipjack tuna sushi
(Also served with bluefin tuna.)
Once made for lunch on the boats of local fishermen, this type of sushi has been a local staple food in the Ise Shima area for generations. Tekonezushi is a mix of vinegared rice topped with slices of fresh, marinated skipjack tuna.

Season: throughout the year

蓮台寺柿 Rendaiji Kaki
Rendaiji persimmon
This kind of persimmon has been grown in Ise for more than 300 years. Rendaiji persimmons are only grown in one particular area in Ise City and are not grown anywhere else in Japan. Dried Rendaiji persimmons are amazingly sweet and very popular with residents and visitors alike.

Season: Mid September through November

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