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The large variety of delicious sweets in the Ise City area grew from a desire to feed the many pilgrims that made their way to Ise City and Ise Jingu from all over Japan. We hope you can try some of our different sweets and find your own favorite!
MOCHI—is a Japanese food made by pounding glutinous rice into a paste and then forming it into different shapes. Mochi is often eaten at times of celebration but is also the main ingredient in many Japanese sweets. Mochi or rice cakes have a simple, soft and silky texture and is the definitive Japanese confection.

赤福餅 Akafuku-mochi
Ise City’s most noted sweet. Akafuku-mochi is a combination of soft mochi covered with a smooth and sweet adzuki bean paste. Akafuku-mochi is a simplistic but delectable treat.

Company: Akafuku
Tel: 0596-22-7000
Address: 26 Uji Nakanokiri-cho, Ise City

Map: MapF-3C

岩戸餅 Iwato-mochi
Iwato-mochi are delicious rice cakes filled with smooth and sweet adzuki bean paste and then covered with rich kinako flour (roasted soybean flour).

Company: Iwatoya
Tel: 0596-23-3188
Address: 58 Uji Imazaike-cho, Ise City

Map: MapD-2B

神代餅 Kamiyo-mochi
Kamiyo-mochi is mixed with Japanese yomogi, a leafy herb also known as mugwort. Yomogi is often used for their health benefits so this mochi is not only delicious but keeps you healthy!

Company: Senokuniya
Tel: 0596-23-5555
Address: 117 Uji Imazaike-cho, Ise City

Map: MapD-2A

太閤出世餅 Taiko-shusse-mochi
Taiko-shusse-mochi is filled with smooth and sweet adzuki bean paste and then gently hand-grilled on both sides. Since Taiko-shusse-mochi are individually wrapped, they make great souvenirs.

Company: Taikoumochi
Tel: 0596-22-2767
Address: 63 Uji Imazaike-cho, Ise City

Map: MapD-2B

うのはなドーナツ Unohana doughnuts
Unohana doughnuts are made with soy milk and Okara—soy bean fiber. Unohana doughnuts are not only delicious but healthy too!

Company: Tofuan Yamanaka
Tel: 0596-23-5558
Address: 95 Uji Nanokiri-cho, Ise City

Map: MapD-2B

二軒茶屋餅 Nikenchaya-mochi
Nikenchaya-mochi are rice cakes filled with smooth and sweet adzuki bean paste and then covered with kinako flour (roasted soybean flour). Nikenchaya-mochi has been serving the same style mochi for over 400 years!

Company: Nikenchaya Kadoya Honten
Tel: 0596-23-3040
Address: 6-8-25 Shinkyu, Ise City

Map: MapA-3B

へんば餅 Henba-mochi
Henba-mochi is filled with smooth and sweet adzuki bean paste. Henbaya Shouten mochi shop creates their signature flavor by gently hand-grilling their rice cakes on both sides.

Company: Henbaya Shoten
Tel: 0596-22-0097
Address: 1430-1 Obata-cho Akeno, Ise City

Map: MapA-1A

生姜糖 Shouga-tou
Shouga-tou is a Japanese treat made by mixing fresh ginger extract and sugar. The mixture is then dried and can be served as is or combined with other flavors like adzuki bean or green tea! Shouga-tou makes a great souvenir since it can stay fresh for longer than other mochi-based sweets.

Company: Kikuya Kashiten
Tel: 0596-22-3718
Address: 42 Uji Imazaike-cho, Ise City

Map: MapD-2B

くうや餅 Ku-ya-mochi
Mochi often has a smooth texture, however, Ku-ya mochi rice cakes are made from steamed sticky rice that has not been pounded, thus creating an interesting and textured confection. Many local people often eat or give Ku-ya mochi for formal occasions.

Company: Suzuki Suishoken
Tel: 0596-43-2067
Address: 537-18 Futami-cho Chaya, Ise City

Map: MapE-3A

虎屋ういろ Toraya Uiro
Japanese Uiro is a traditional sweet made by mixing and steaming various types of rice powder. Toraya Uiro mixes flour and natural flavors to create 35 different flavors of treats. Toraya Uiro is mildly sweet and has a resilient texture.

Company: Toraya Uiro
Tel: 0596-23-5005
Address: 2-2-8 Miyajiri, Ise City

Map: MapB-2A

利休饅頭 Rikyu-manju
Rikyu-manju are sweet bean cakes that were created for tea ceremonies carried out at Ise Jingu. Many local people use Rikyu-manju for formal occasions. There are two flavors of these manju—both red ad white sweet bean.

Company: Fujiya Sogetsudo
Tel: 0596-22-2418
Address: 46-1 Uji Nakanokiri-cho, Ise city

Map: MapD-3B

伊勢音頭せんべい Ise-ondo-senbei
Ise-ondo-senbei are sweet rice crackers with cream-filling centers.

Company: Beniya
Tel: 0596-28-3448
Address: 2-3-2 Ichinoki, Ise City

Map: MapB-1A

神宮白石クッキー Jingu Shiraishi Cookie
These crunchy and sweet Jingu Shiraishi cookies are modeled after the white rocks found within the main sanctuaries of Ise Jingu.

Company: Mother Fruit
Tel: 0596-22-6623
Address: 1-2-3 Okamoto, Ise City

Map: MapB-4C

ぱんじゅう Panju
A very unique local invention, Panju is a steamed soft steamed bun with sweet adzuki bean paste.

Company: Ogura-no-panju Honpo
Tel: 0596-26-2281
Address: 1-886-5 Funae, Ise City

塩ようかん Shio-yokan
A common Japanese sweet, Yokan is a formed and sweetened jellied dessert made from sweet red beans and sugar. Shio Yokan also mixes in a small amount of salt to extract more sweetness. It goes particularly well with green tea, coffee and sake.

Company: Isuzu Seigoan
Tel: 0596-42-1212
Address: 569-35 Futami-cho Chaya, Ise City

Map: MapE-3A

御福餅 Ofuku-mochi
Ofuku-mochi are delicious rice cakes filled with smooth and sweet adzuki bean paste that melt in your mouth!

Company: Ofukumochi Honke
Tel: 0596-43-3500
Address: 197-1 Futami-cho Chaya, Ise City

Map: MapE-1B

酒素饅頭 Sakamoto-manju
Sakamoto-manju are sweet bean cakes lightly flavored with Japanese sake.

Company: Asahiya
Tel: 0596-43-2226
Address: 107-6 Futami-cho Chaya, Ise City

Map: MapE-1B

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