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Where to stay

A ryokan is a traditional style Japanese inn. Most ryokans offer large, private, tatami-style rooms and have communal Japanese-style baths. Ryokans usually offer cuisine featuring local delicacies served in guest rooms. Most ryokans offer futons, soft mattresses that are rolled out on straw mat (tatami) floors and used as beds.


Hotel Most hotels in Japan are similar to Western-style hotels in that they are equipped with Western-style facilities. Most Japanese hotels offer Western-style beds but some offer Japanese-style rooms, furnished with futons in place of beds.

A Japanese minshuku is similar to Western-style boarding house or bed and breakfast. A Japanese minshuku is often cheaper than ryokans or hotels since meals are often eaten in a communal space and bathrooms are shared. Minshuku

Youth Hostel Youth hostels in Japan are similar to youth hostels in other countries in that they are affordable, dorm-style or private rooms that focus on budget rather than luxuries or amenities.

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