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 TOP > Touring Routes > Futami Area Walking Tour

Futami Area Walking Tour

Exploring the nature and shrines (jinja) in the Futami area on foot.

Start: JR Futaminoura Station
foot About 10 minutes on foot
Futamiura Beach
(30 minutes)MapA-4B, MapE-1A
foot About 15 minutes on foot
Mishiodono Jinja
(15 minutes) MapA-4B
foot About 20 minutes on foot
Meotoiwa Sando
(30 minutes) MapE-2A
foot About 5 minutes on foot
Futami Okitama Jinja & Meotoiwa
(20 minutes) MapE-4~5A
foot About 20 minutes on foot
Mount Otonashi, viewpoint
(90 minutes) MapE-3B
foot About 10 minutes on foot
JR Futaminoura Station

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