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二見浦海水浴場 Futamiura Beach
Futamiura Beach was the first registered bathing beach in Japan. Today, visitors can take leisurely walks along the pine tree lined shoreline of Ise Bay.
Access: From JR Futaminoura Station; 10 minutes by foot.
音無山 Mount Otonashi
Visitors can hike the 20 minute path to the top of Mount Otonashi amidst the blossoming cherry trees in the spring. At the view point at the top of the mountain visitors can catch a beautiful view of the sunrise.
Access: From JR Futaminoura Station; 10 minutes by foot to the beginning of the trail. From there, 20-minute hike to the top of the mountain.
伊勢志摩スカイライン Ise Shima Skyline
The Ise Shima Skyline winds along Mount Asama and ultimately connects the cities of Ise and Toba.
From the view point, visitors can get a panoramic view of Ise, Futami, Toba and Ise Bay. On particularly clear days, visitors can see Mount Fuji over 200 kilometers away. Azaleas in late April through Early May are a must see.
Access: By car, taxi or visitors can hike from Kintetsu Asama Station (6.5 kilometers from trailhead).
宮川堤公園 Miyagawa Tsutsumi Park
Visitors can stroll along the banks of the Miyagawa River at any time during the year but will find it extra special throughout the cherry blossom season.
Access: From JR/Kintetsu Iseshi Station; take a bus and exit at Wataraibashi bus stop.
五十鈴川 Isuzugawa Riverside
The Isuzugawa River runs alongside the grounds of Naiku Shrine and is particularly beautiful during the cherry blossom season.
Access: From JR/Kintetsu Iseshi Station or Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station; 20 minutes by bus, exit at Naiku Mae bus stop. The river is a 1-minute walk from the bus stop.

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