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春の神楽祭 Haru-no-kagura-sai
April 28th ~ 30th
Spring Kagura Festival at Naiku
Sacred music and dances are performed within Naiku. Please check Jingu's official schedule for more information (Japanese only).
春まつり Haru-matsuri
April 1st ~ 10th
Cherry blossom festival at Miyagawa Tsutsumi Park. Visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms during the day or evening. Some food and drinks are available.
朝熊山つつじまつり Asamayama-tsutsuji-matsuri
Mid May
Mount Asama azalea festival.
神田御田植初 Shinden-otaue-hajime
Early May
This ceremony marks the beginning of the rice planting year at Jingu's sacred rice field.
夫婦岩大注連縄張神事 Meotoiwa-ōshimenawa-shinji
May 5th
The shimenawa (rice straw rope) that joins the wedded rocks at Futami Okitama Jinja (shrine) is replaced three times a year, in September, December and May. The shimenawa acts as a Shinto gate (torii) between the famous rocks.
伊勢楽市 Ise-rakuichi
Mid May
Ise farmers and fisherman's market located between JR/Kintetsu Ise-Shi Station and Geku. Check with the Ise City Tourist Information Office for times and details.

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