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かんこ踊り Kanko-odori (Bon dancing festival)
August 14th through 16th
Visitors can watch traditional Bon dances performed by people from various neighborhoods in Ise City.
伊勢神宮奉納全国花火大会 Ise-jigu-hōnō-zenkoku-hanabi-taikai
Middle of July
Fireworks festival dedicated to Ise Jingu at Miyagawa Tsutsumi.
神宮奉納薪能 Jingu-hōnō-taginoh
Late July
Tagi Noh play dedicated to Jingu performed at Geku.
外宮さんでゆかたで千人お参り Gekusan-de-yukata-de-sennin-omatsuri
August 1st
Yukata (cotton kimono) festival.
Visitors can wear yukata or view the festival goers as they worship at Geku. This is one of the rare occasions when Geku remains open after sundown.
二見大祭しめなわ曳 Futami-ōmatsuri-shimenawahiki
July 14th
A parade festival to deliver the Shimenawa (sacred straw rope) to Meotoiwa (wedded rocks) and Futami Okitama Jinja (shrine).
柴燈大護摩 Saito-ōgoma
July 7th
Held at Segidera (temple) in Ise City, this ceremony is conducted to pray for safety, bountiful harvests and large catches of fish.
高柳の夜店 Takayanagi-no-yomise
June 1st through early July
Takayanagi shopping arcade will have a night market festival with food and drink stalls on Saturdays and dates that include a 1, 3, 6, and 8.
天王祭 Tennōsai
Middle of July
Summer festival at Kawabenanakusa Jinja (shrine).
夏至祭 Geshi-sai
Summer solstice
The Misogi ceremony is conducted on the summer solstice to purify one's mind and body by bathing in the ocean. The ceremony is held in front of the wedded rocks at Futami Okitama Jinja (shrine). If interested in participating, please contact Futami Okitama Jinja (Japanese only).

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