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初詣 Hatsumōde
January 1st
Large crowds mark the days and large bonfires light the night marking the first visits of the year to Jingu. Both Naiku and Geku are continuously open between December 31st and January 5th for people wishing to pay their respects.
湯立神事 Yutate-shinji at Eno Jinja (shrine)
January 14th
Yutate-shinji at Eno Jinja (shrine), within Futami Okitama Jinja (shrine)
A beginning of the year ceremony where participants pray for the health and safety of themselves and family members.
おひなさまめぐりin二見 Hina-matsuri (doll festival) in Futami
Early February through Early March
The Japanese doll festival is held on March 3rd. Ornamental dolls, representing the Japanese Emperor and Empress and their attendants are displayed in traditional, ceremonial dress. Over 100 hotels, shops, restaurants and private houses in the Futamigaura area participate by displaying their own traditional dolls.
初午祭 Hatsuuma-sai
Within March
An annual festival at Matsuokanonji (temple) where people wish away bad sprits.
冬至祭 Tōji-sai
Winter solstice
Winter Solstice Ceremony.
The Misogi ceremony is conducted to purify one's mind and body by bathing in the ocean. This ceremony is held in front of the wedded rocks at Futami Okitama Jinja (shrine). If interested in participating, please contact Futami Okitama Jinja (Japanese only).
神宮奉納大相撲 Jingu-hōnō-daizumo (Sumo festival)
Late March
Jingu-hōnō-daizumo (Sumo festival)
Annual sumo wrestling tournament dedicated to Ise Jingu held at Jingu sumo grounds.
夫婦岩大注連縄張神事 Meotoiwa-ōshimenawa-shinji
Middle of December
The shimenawa (rice straw rope) that joins the wedded rocks at Futami Okitama Jinja (shrine) is replaced three times a year, in September, December and May. The shimenawa acts as a Shinto gate (torii) between the famous rocks.
御頭神事 Okashira-shinji
Middle of February
An annual ceremony within some Ise City neighborhoods where local residents dance and walk from house to house with a traditional lion mask in order to scare away bad spirits.
年越しもちつき Toshikoshi-mochitsuki
Late December
Event for making mochi, (sticky rice cakes) to welcome the near year near Magatamaike Pond in Geku.
お伊勢さん健康マラソン Oisesan-kenko Marathon
Between November and early December
Local running competitions of 5km, 10km and 21.1 km (half-marathon) in Ise City. Also, 7km and 10km walking events. Check with the Ise City Tourist Information Office for times and details.
おかげ横丁行く年来る年 Okageyokocho-yukutoshi-kurutoshi
December 31st
Okage Yokocho New Year's countdown celebration. Restaurants and shops stay open late as well as food and drink vendors.
初護摩 Hatsugoma at Taikoji (temple)
January 1st through 3rd
A beginning of the year ceremony where participants pray for their wishes and safety near a large open flame.

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