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 TOP > Seasonal Events > Seasonal Flower Calendar
Seasonal Flower Calendar
紫陽花 Hydrangeas
Late June through Early July
菖蒲 Irises
Mid May through mid June
Geku, Magatamaike Pond (Mid May~)
Map: MapB-3D

Futami Shobu Loman no Mori (Early June ~)
Map: MapE-5B
薔薇 Roses
Mid through late May
Jingu Rose Garden
睡蓮 Water lilies
Late June through August
臣竜梅 Shinryubai plum blossoms
Late February through early March
Garyu Plum Tree Park
藤 Wisteria blossoms
Late April through Early May
Map: MapE-4B

Geku, Magatamaike Pond
Map: MapB-3D
紅梅 Plum blossoms
Early March
Rikyuin Park
寒桜 Winter cherry blossoms
Early March
Rikyuin Park
紅葉 Autumn leaves
Early through mid November
ナンジャモンジャ Chionanthus blossoms
Early through mid May
Geku, near by Magatamaike pond
ツツジ Azaleas
Late April through Early May
Iso Jinja
Map: MapA-1A

Mount Asama view point
Map: MapA-5D
桜 Cherry blossoms
Early April
Naiku and Isuzugawa River
Map: MapD-1B

Kuratayama Park
Map: MapA-3C

Mikimoto Road
Map: MapB-4D

Mount Otonashi
Map: MapE-3B

Miyagawa Tsutsumi Park
Map: MapA-1C
薔薇 Roses
Mid through late October
Jingu Rose Garden

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